Our programs can help you relieve your child's stress and trauma from past events and current stressful situations. It's easy and fast for kids and it's VR so they are more likely to view it as something they may want to do.


Our Adult & Child Trauma package will help you use VR to relieve your emotional response to past traumas and current stressful situations.

Our Pet Trauma package will help you use VR to heal from trauma related to your pet, injury of a pet, and even the death of a pet.

With a subscription, you get unlimited use, so the process can be used over and over! Combine both packages to be able to use both of the VR videos and blog posts related to Adult, Child, & Pet Trauma.

Adult & Child

$19.99/month - unlimited use


$19.99/month - unlimited use

All Three!

$29.99/month - unlimited use

Struggling to process painful and traumatic memories?

Emotional distress related to a traumatic event can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being, even years after such an event has passed. Whether a person’s trauma is due to current stressful situations, sickness or disease, abuse or an unhealthy relationship, bullying, or any number of other life experiences, it is possible to relieve the resulting stress and emotional pain.

With our VR trauma relief program, you’ll gain the tools, guidence information, and technology, you need to successfully manage the pain and stress related to some of your most traumatic memories. Learn more about the process below.


Here’s what people are saying about the VR Trauma Relief Subscription:

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to write a few words about this new Virtual Reality Trauma Program, as well as my experience working with her as a client for well over a decade.

The VR program clearly and cleanly provides the essential elements of an in person release session in an immersive environment free of distraction. My wife and I both tried it out on several occasions and have been quite excitedly surprised how effective it was in its ability to give immediate and ongoing relief.

[The] trauma release practice has dramatically changed my life, and she has always conducted herself with the highest manner of compassion, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Now she has found yet another way to reach much further outward to help others in her unique “above and beyond” passion to support and heal with this new technology."
Trauma Relief User
"I am a Medical Doctor and was introduced to Trauma release over a decade ago.  BA (B Anderson) is a  therapist who was working on resolving trauma in her clients.  Through continued investigation she  refined her technique to treat people in a rapid effective manner.The client’s underlying problem was addressed without long, drawn-out talking therapies.  The person still remembered the traumatic event, but the psychological “charge” to the event no longer carried the crippling emotions that prevented healing. It seemed the client also achieved integration and insight on the trauma.

In the course of my medical career, I sent many clients to her.  They returned to me grateful for the referral to such an effective therapist.  They had greater insight into their emotionally-crippling traumatic event, which allowed for a deeper healing of their physical issues.  I sent people to her with a range of issues for example: war-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, rape, marital abuse, childhood abuse, grief, and birth trauma of both mother and child.

She has refined her technique to be used with therapeutic glasses.  They appear to have almost the same effect as in-person therapy.  This allows many more people to be treated.  I would highly recommend that people wanting a simple solution to unresolved trauma, consider using this therapeutic tool.  This is a welcome and easily accessible addition to any natural and/or psychological therapies."

Trauma Relief Process

Want to learn more about how it works?
The trauma relief process is simple, quick, and completely private.

Trauma Relief Dandelion Icon

1. Explore Packages

Review the three subscription tiers below and decide on an appropriate package for your needs. Next, you will also need to order a pair of VR glasses, which are necessary to begin the releases.

2. Download

Once you have selected your preferred subscription package, download the appropriate “Trauma Relief” video(s) to your mobile phone.

Trauma Relief Two Dandelions
Trauma Relief Group of Dandelions

3. Get started

Consider what traumas you’d like to release and begin the process.
If you have questions as you continue, visit our FAQs page.

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To access this post, you must purchase Adult & Child Package or Adult, Child, & Pet Package.

"I haven’t spoken of this before"

"Very calming"

"A visual is softer, not as crisp"
"Indifferent now"

"Visualization of pleasant scene, warming of head area"

"I can see the value"
"It was really great"

"It reminds me of Qigong I’m feeling a peace and relaxation"

"Would have liked to close my eyes but didn’t want to miss anything"
"I’d love to do this at least once a week"

"No emotion at all when I think of it"

"It felt good and I feel better"