Would you like help managing stress and grief caused by the illness, injury, or death of a pet? Learn more about our pet trauma relief program.


Our Adult & Child Trauma package will help you use VR to tackle the emotional reactions from past trauma.

Our Pet Trauma package will help you use VR to heal from trauma related to your pet, injury of a pet, and even death of a pet.

With a subscription, you get unlimited use, so the process can be used over and over! Combine both packages to be able to use both of the VR videos and blog posts related to Adult, Child, & Pet Trauma.

Adult & Child

$19.99/month - unlimited use


$19.99/month - unlimited use

All Three!

$29.99/month - unlimited use

Struggling to process painful and traumatic memories?

Emotional distress related to a traumatic event can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being, ever years after such an event has passed. Whether a person’s trauma is due to sickness or disease, abuse or an unhealthy relationship, bullying, or any number of other life experiences, it is possible to relieve the resulting stress and emotional pain.

With our VR trauma relief program, you’ll gain the technology, guidance, and releases you need to manage the pain and stress related to some of your most traumatic memories. Learn more about the process below.

The pet video is specific to people who have trauma because of the death or illness of their pet.  The video has specific wording that references the release of the pain of the death of a pet plus a second video is included for the release of trauma created by the illness or accident of their pet.

Does it Really Work?

Here’s what people are saying about the VR Trauma Relief Subscription:

"I have utilized this technique for six years to successfully mitigate trauma and stress. As a Master-Degree Psychologist, I have found this is one of the most effective and fastest methods of facing life challenges. It has been very useful in the mitigation of the most severe of trauma such as dealing with the loss of a loved one as well as helping with daily stresses. Because of my personal success, I have encouraged friends and family to utilize the method. They all found relief from its use. This technique has increased happiness and peace in my life."
Trauma Relief User

Trauma Relief Process

Want to learn more about how it works?
The trauma relief process is simple, quick, and completely private.

Trauma Relief Dandelion Icon

1. Explore Packages

Review the three subscription tiers below and decide on an appropriate package for your needs. Next, you will also need to order a pair of VR glasses, which are necessary to begin the releases.

2. Download

Once you have selected your preferred subscription package, download the appropriate “Trauma Relief” video(s) to your mobile phone.

Trauma Relief Two Dandelions
Trauma Relief Group of Dandelions

3. Get Started

Consider what traumas you’d like to release and begin the process. If you have questions as you continue, visit our FAQs page.

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"I think they’re great"

"Still emotional but not as bad.  I love it and I’m very excited to be able to use this method"

"Loved it, calmness immediately"
"My body calmed down, I stopped crying, and felt peace"

"I felt something lift off, and I felt more at ease about being laid off"

"I felt altered energetically"
"The pain began to let go"

"Felt relaxed, less worried about it"

"Very relaxed full of goodness, worry went up into the sky"
"Quick, easy process"

"I felt very calm, much less stress"

"Tremendous relief, shoulders dropped"