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Our Adult & Child Trauma package will help you use VR to relieve your emotional response to past traumas and current stressful situations.

Our Pet Trauma package will help you use VR to heal from trauma related to your pet, injury of a pet, and even the death of a pet.

With a subscription, you get unlimited use, so the process can be used over and over! Combine both packages to be able to use both of the VR videos and blog posts related to Adult, Child, & Pet Trauma.

Adult & Child

$19.99/month - unlimited use


$19.99/month - unlimited use

All Three!

$29.99/month - unlimited use

Struggling to process painful and traumatic memories?

Emotional distress related to a traumatic event can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being, even years after such an event has passed. Whether a person’s trauma is due to current stressful situations, sickness or disease, abuse or an unhealthy relationship, bullying, or any number of other life experiences, it is possible to relieve the resulting stress and emotional pain.

With our VR trauma relief program, you’ll gain the tools, guidence information, and technology, you need to successfully manage the pain and stress related to some of your most traumatic memories. Learn more about the process below.


What are our clients saying about the VR trauma relief program?
In trial tests, 94 percent of users immediately improved with less emotional response.
"My family and myself have been using this process for more than 6 years. It has helped us deal with abuse, addiction and brain injury. I highly recommend her and the use of the Trauma Relief Videos."
Trauma Relief User
Item #1

"Comfortable, really good"

"More relaxed about the experience, heat in forehead, feel less emotionally responsive"
"Felt less tense/angry"

"Felt rushes of emotions and insights"

"Experience was good, easy to use"
"Racing heart then relaxation/calming relief"

"Felt encouraged"

"Relaxed/more logical thinking"