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Read more about specific types of trauma and their respective releases.

Learn more about what really is Human and Pet Trauma and why it's important to heal.

Tips for maximum results

Instructions for doing your releases will always entail that you focus on the sights, sounds, and smells — your overall senses — of your experience

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Signs of stress in dogs


Stress in dogs, just like in people, can lead to long term serious health issues and many forms of behavioral problems.  The issue is compounded because your dog can’t speak up and tell you when they are stressed.  They rely on you to notice, identify their stress signs and help them resolve their stress.  If […]

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Cats are stressed too


Cats may be very sensitive to stress and changes in their environment.  They may be also more likely to pick up your negative emotions because they are more sensitive.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a good read on your cat and what may be troubling them, so it’s important to be aware of how your […]

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Relieving stress in your pets


For many of us surviving the lock down and isolation of the pandemic has included relying on our pets to help us cope.  We seek them out for entertainment, solace, support, love, affection, company, play and exercise.  Pets are more than happy to oblige us, especially if it also involves snuggles, petting and treats.  In […]

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Injured veterans


This VR program is designed to be easy for you to use, quick (about 10 minutes) and totally private. You can use it in your

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This VR process is for children who are five and older and they need to be supervised by you in this process unless they are 12 or older.  The child only stays in the VR glasses for less than 10 minutes and the VR environment is safe and peaceful.  PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU FEAR YOUR […]

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Our Adult & Child Trauma package will help you use VR to relieve your emotional response to past traumas and current stressful situations.

Our Pet Trauma package will help you use VR to heal from trauma related to your pet, injury of a pet, and even the death of a pet.

With a subscription, you get unlimited use, so the process can be used over and over! Combine both packages to be able to use both of the VR videos and blog posts related to Adult, Child, & Pet Trauma.

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$19.99/month - unlimited use

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Struggling to process painful and traumatic memories?

Emotional distress related to a traumatic event can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being, even years after such an event has passed. Whether a person’s trauma is due to current stressful situations, sickness or disease, abuse or an unhealthy relationship, bullying, or any number of other life experiences, it is possible to relieve the resulting stress and emotional pain.

With our VR trauma relief program, you’ll gain the tools, guidence information, and technology, you need to successfully manage the pain and stress related to some of your most traumatic memories. Learn more about the process below.